Bermingham February 18 report ( reporter Yue Dongxing, Liu Xiang Li Rui ) in the Olympic year" first shot" is amazing! In 18 of the Bermingham indoor track and Field Championship Men's 60 meter hurdles in the finals, Liu Xiang by 7 seconds 41 career best result defeated Cuba 's Robles, made himself in the new season of" off to a good start".Liu Xiang in the preliminaries and finals two times is the first. In his final will be his personal best of 7 seconds before the 42 by 0.01 seconds, crossed the. He also set by maintaining his Asian record." I didn't expect to run so well! The seven step on the field today is very successful!" After the game Liu Xiang was very excited.Robles 7 seconds to 50 second. The United States of America 's de fulk in 7. 54 gain third. China another hurdle master Shi Dongpeng in the preliminary exit.In a few hours before the preliminaries, the first group of appearance of Liu Xiang score of 7 seconds 49, leading the audience. Second appearance of Robles in 7 seconds in 57 followed by Liu Xiang.Liu Xiang's score on the new season as well as the Olympic Games it is a good beginning.Liu Xiang coach Sun Haiping yesterday in an interview with Xinhua analysis, last year Liu Xiang indoor best result is 7 seconds 55, outdoor 13 seconds. This year if the indoor to 7 seconds into the 50 mark, on his outdoor can enter 13 seconds is absolutely helpful. He was cautious forecast, can run for 7 seconds 50 can be.And accordingly inference, Liu Xiang if this season in the subsequent game play is normal, and can maintain the health of the body, strength, is also possible in the outdoor game 110 meter hurdles in 13 seconds into the mark, it would be the world hurdle the class scores, from his 12 second 88 former world record is also more recent one step." A lot of people don't believe that I can do, nothing is impossible. Later in the game who knows?" Although Liu Xiang said no, but his confidence, domineering bared.Next, according to the plan, Liu Xiang will be in Stockholm this month to another indoor tournament in March, then in Turkey, the IAAF World Indoor Championships, after the beginning of the outdoor game journey.The contest is Liu Xiang and Robles in " hand door" after the first battle. In last year's World Championships in Daegu in final of 110 meters of column, Liu Xiang and Robles appear on arm adjacent track contact, Liu Xiang suffered in third place; but in the Chinese team after the appeal, Robles was fouled, the champion was cancelled, Liu Xiang rose to second.